Quick Update October 2020


Truthfully, this year has been a bit rough for me personally. I have had some health issues I have been working through, so I have had to step back a bit. Now that things are sorted out (supposedly) I should be back to posting more. The good news is that I have quite a few videos up and ready, all I need are the blog posts.

So typically I link my video to my blog post, but I sold my personal computer and am working off my iPad. So my next few posts may not have the video linked, but all you have to do is go to my YouTube channel and it will be the newest ones. (I will try and update once I get my new computer.

I am hoping to get a new computer soon, but it being so close to November deals I am waiting a few more weeks. I should be able to make way cooler videos with my new computer. So fingers crossed that happens soon.

I have also been fixing up my craft room, when everything is ready I will film a new video and share it with y’all. I have a few great new changes. But getting organized and the right mix of furniture has been a challenge.

Finally, a few people have been creating user login’s on my site. With no computer, I have not been able to do much about interacting with y’all. My whole goal with creating a YouTube channel and a website was to create a community of people who share this wonderful hobby! This is still my goal, so we are moving the community to: https://paper-craft-creators.mn.co/share/AkZehdkSkSLnTN0M?utm_source=manual

I am going to work on creating blog posts now!

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