Quick & Powerful Inlaid Christmas Cards

Click the triangle above to watch the whole process!

Hi friend! I am back with another set of cards, these ones were quick and easy to make! Plus look how they turned out!

I made 4 of each color.

The two things you need to remember when making similar cards is:

  1. Cut the either the top or the bottom a bit wider than the other (you will cut down later, but you need that wiggle room), and cut both to the same height.
  2. Always cut the die the same height up from the bottom of the card, no matter if you are cutting the top or the bottom piece. I cut 1 inch up from the bottom, but you could use whatever measurement makes sense to you.
The blue background added a great contrast to the yellow!

I embellished these cards in a few ways that you could skip to save time, although even with them I made 8 cards in a short amount of time. I think that adding the distressing to the bottom, inlaying the die cut, and embossing the sentiment add a lot. What do you think? Are you behind on your Christmas cards?

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