Christmas in August?

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Hello Friend! Today marks the beginning of the Christmas season… right? Well, it at least marks the beginning of my Christmas Card Making Season. I am hoping to get done with making my cards long before Christmas celebrations begin. It would be a very merry Christmas indeed!

The soft golden hues of this card match the joy of the season!

I like to start with a plan for my cards. Composition tends to be the area of card making I struggle with the most, so typically I plan out the card I am going to make. It can be as simple as a doodle on a note card, like how this card started out. The plan helps me stay focussed, and know when to stop (as that is another struggle of mine!)

This time the plan did not pan out quite like I thought it would. I am still happy with the end result. The lesson I took away, is that if you are not sure how a technique is going to turn out, test it before you dive in head first!

By the time I realized that the white embossed words on the slightly off-white background was not going to be readable, I was already 1/2 way into the project. Instead of re-doing a majority of the work, I decided to adjust.

Maybe one day I will re-vist and try again, or perhaps I will have an even better idea! What do you do when your card plan gets derailed?

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