Gloss Spray Techniques

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Hello friends! Guess what, I have a new video up, another two art journal pages, they showcase the same background in two separate ways!

I started with spraying the entire background with a few Gloss Spay’s, by Dina Wakely. One thing to note is that the off-white background of the journal tinted the colors a bit. The background created by the spays was extremely interesting, and required minimal work to achieve it. I wanted to highlight some of my favorite areas so I decided to go with an old stone wall with a window for one side and a galaxy for the other.

The left features a stone castle wall, where the Gloss Spray background is able to shine through the grout lines and the window. While the right features a galaxy that blocks out much of the background to display some of the best areas.

The stone castle wall was a vary involved page, that with the help of a stencil required no drawing. By using the Jane Davenport paint pens and Pitt Markers, adding dimension over the slick surface was easy and permanent. Adding the green ivy completed the composition.

Blocking out part of the busy background allows for an easier composition to view, plus the areas that are visible become striking!

I enjoy the background coming through the cracks and grout lines of the wall. There is such a mystical feel to the scene from covering all but those little lines of color. Plus the colors that peek through keep the entire page bright and happy. Adding the black out lines was a miss-calculation, but adding a layer or two of white Pitt pen on top helped to alleviate the issues. All-in-all I am pleased with how this page turned out, even if it had a few bumps!

The area where the wine purple and the blue mixed was one of my favorite areas on the background, clearly I had to keep it in!

While the stone wall page took a while of coloring, the Galaxy page took minutes to create. Once the background was fully dry, I used some black acrylic paint to darken the edges and block out some of the less interesting areas of the background. Using a blender brush and a foam pad, I used only a tiny amount of paint to cover most of the page. After the first layer dried, I went back and added additional darkness to a few choice areas. Then I moved on to splattering on some white acrylic paint and finished up with some glitter dust to complete the look of stars.

Picking out which areas to showcase and which to hide was hard, especially since there were so many great areas. But by covering up much of the background, I was able to create a convincing galaxy page.

These pages were so much fun to create! The Gloss Spray’s are now one of my favorite supplies, and I cannot wait to get the new colors that just came out.

I accidentally stamped one of the E’s upside-down, but I thought it gave the page character! The way the color in the center galaxy changes and transitions colors is really striking!

That is it for this installment of my art journal! Stay tuned for the next one. (I have it almost done… not sure if the background needs more work or not.)

Have a crafty day friends!

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  1. Skye says:

    I like the galaxy!


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